Li Shou Slimming Capsules

Li Shou Slimming Capsules
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Li Shou Slimming Capsules

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Lishou Slimming Capsules are all-natural. It contains a synergistic blend of 3 all-natural fat-burning and appetite suppressing ingredients: Tuckahoe, Lotus, and Bitter Orange. This precise blend of herbal ingredients work together to form the ultimate appetite suppressant and fat burner

Ingredient: Tuckahoe, Lotus, Bitter Orange

1. using special function of Chinese herbal medicines, Lishou can inhibit the synthesis of fat and accelerate the cholesterol transferred into fatty acid, it promotes the bile acid enterohepatic circulation and then strengthen the expel of fat in the form of waste
2. Strengthen the activity of adipose decomposition, under the catalysis of lipolytic enzyme, fat will be hydrolysed into glycerol and fatty acids

Specification: 400mgs/grain * 30 grain (one month supply)
Usage&Dosage: One capsule per day, before or after breakfast with boiled water
Precaution: Children, Pregnant, people with heart disease, kidney function etc. are prohibited to
take this product.

by Chantal Solodovnikova
Take it with vitamins for an even better effect. i am able to workout harder and longer without feeling jittery and while controlling my appetite.

by Lynne Alkashgari
Serious improvement even without any exercise and only some mild dieting. I strongly recommend the LI SHOU. It's worth it! Great product.

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