Super Slim Green Lean Body

Super Slim Green Lean Body
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Super Slim Green Lean Body

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Super Slim Green Lean Body consists of kinds of herbal blends, all ingredients are chose due to their own wonderful appetite suppressing and toxin expelling function.

To most women, the trouble is they can't restore their body again due to many reasons, huge stomach, and no spare time etc let them hard to lose weight by self. At this time, some good slimming products can also be a supplementary and Super Slim Green Lean Body is definitely a choice after so many years market competition, it reduce weight with no diet, 10-15 lbs less in one month!

Super Slim Green Lean Body is the New Version of Super Slim Pomegranate

Main composition:
Koncing Nut, Garcinia Camnogia, Apple, Kiwi Fruit, Mannan Fibre, Konjaku Extracts, Sweet Potato Cellulose

Specifications: 300mg*30 pills/Metal Box
Usage & Dosage: Take 1 capsule/ day (taking before or after breakfast)
Precautions: Not suitable for morbidly obese people, children, pregnant woman, patient with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease

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