Zi xiu tang Bee Pollen

Zi xiu tang Bee Pollen
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Zi xiu tang Bee Pollen

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Average half a lbs in one day and 30 days later, you will shock your colleagues or classmates! Flat belly, no arm flab and double chin any more, 2 months later, 30 pounds said bye to you and you get a sexy body with fine and smooth skin! Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen will be your ideal and safe appetite regulator

Main Ingredients:
Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Lotus Seed, Dietary Fiber

Excepts these extracts, it has several others from Green tea, Rhubarb, Aloe, Cassia, Astrigillis, Polygonum multiflorum, Lotus leaf, Gynostemme, Radish seed, Malt, Mulberry, Hawthorn and Vitamins etc, all these active ingredients penetrate deeply into the cells and eradicates the fat out of the body and improves the human endocrinology and small vessels to change the figure of an over weight person. Besides, it also improves the micro-circulation function and has a beautifying effect, people can not only control their mouth but also be happy with smooth, tender and rosy skin.

Specification: 250mg*48 Capsules/Bottle+200mg*12 Capsules/Pack, Total 60 Capsules
Dosage: Once a day, 2 grains each time before or after breakfast
Targeted Group: Pure fatness, postpartum fatness, people who are unable to reduce and control their weight with proper diet or sports
Precaution: Not for adolescents, elderly, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people who suffer from liver, kidney, heart disease, high blood pressure etc., depression people or anyone with bee or pollen allergies

by Laura zuniga
I was excited to get started. The customer service is great, I have taken this for a month the result is good as far. Thank you so much

by Doris Fulford
I have been taking Zi xiu tang for two months, it does give me energy to do my housework and some exercise. I am all about safe and natural products I did my research. . I will continue to take this everyday.

by ina gobey
I've been taking this for about a month now along with another slimming tea and have lost over 10 lbs. I helped suppress my appetite. no other product has worked as well as this one.

I've only just started using these, so far so good. I will comment further when I am almost finished one. But remember if you want to lose weight you HAVE to eat. try small portions every 3 hours to keep your metabolism at peak. that coupled with these pills and light exercise and you WILL loose weight.

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